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JSTI Recruitment of Global Talents
【Company Profile】

JSTI GROUP(JSTI) was established in 1978. For the past 30 years, JSTI has been involved in R&D to provide technical solutions in the transportation sector in its early stage and gradually expanded to other sectors including municipal utilities and building. On Jan. 10, 2012, JSTI made the IPO of stock A and was officially listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, becoming the first consulting company in China to be listed on the capital market.

JSTI has been selected as “One of the top 60 survey and design enterprises in China”, by American ENR, for several consecutive years, ranking 36th in 2012.

【Recruitment of Global Talents】

We are now seeking outstanding engineer with overseas study experience background, or overseas project experience in the following and related fields: Civil Engineering; Concrete Structure; Bridge Engineering; Rail Transit Construction and Roadbed; Environment Geotechnical Engineering; Environmental Engineering;Market Expanding;Strategic Research.

【Recruitment methods】

1. Ways for application: being on-site, sending a letter or E-mail

2. Materials requested by the applicant:

(1)Resume and Jiangsu Transportation Institute Application Form

(2)Copies of education, degree, and the title of letter of appointment;

(3)List of main achievements in designing and market research, and copies of five representative works in the past 10 years;

(4)Names of scientific research projects hosted and participated in by the applicant, and copies of awards;

(5)Working assumptions, anticipating targets and treatment conditions after being employed;

(6)letter of recommendation by professor,

Please send the above materials to the E-mail: xfj65@jsti.com

Contact:Fangjie Xue、Haifeng Liang



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